In art, I am expressing my personal insight into existence. All of my artworks are questions, thoughts, temporary conclusions and experiences distilled as a tribute to this search.

In my art, I try to describe the indescribable metaphysical beauty of the dance in the process that is life. My aim is to bring more awareness into our lives, so we recognize that breathtaking play of constant transformation – from one state of splendour to another – shaping of the All there is. What I create is a direct reflection of my quest to broaden the dynamic range of perception and imagination in how we experience.

My greatest inspiration is my love for everything that surrounds me and my understanding of the very same.

The relationship I have with my artwork is intimate. During the creation of One, there is a dialogue between the art and the artist. This interaction mutually shapes one another. For me, to be an artist is a state of being – an instrument for a stroke of creative inspiration and a sparkling vision for a playful co-creator. My curiosity for what is beyond the imagination and this beautiful illusion is fuel for my passion – to create a mirror through which I can stare back in amazement, rediscovering the Creator within.

I think that the act of conscious experiencing is a wondrous miracle. Even more of a magnificent mystery is our dynamic range of sensation and our ability to intellectualize it. I am attempting to evoke questions rather than give conclusions since the journey of self-realization is very personal and unique to each individual.

I hope you will find yourself in my work. Stay curious, be a child-like wanderer among the stars, and recognize your inherent greatness. Shine.


2022 – Catford Arts “Catford Art Trail” London UK
2021 – Goldsmiths University “_Third” London UK
2020 – Arebyte Gallery “In-Grid” London UK
2020 – A random bathroom under lockdown “A space between” London UK
2019 – Goldsmiths University “Cancel Me Not” London UK
2018 – Espacio Gallery “Threads” London UK
2017 – Menier Gallery “Illusions” London, UK
2017 – Espacio Gallery “Between the Lines” London UK
2017 – Brick Lane Gallery “Portrait” London, UK
2016 – TAKT Gallery “Taboo” Temerin, Serbia
2011 – TAKT Gallery “Dragon” Temerin, Serbia