A roiling ocean of glossy perspiration shook me awake??…
from a dream of 1001 amazing illusions…
illusions of mind-blasting shapes and forms, shades and tones
it spun me here and swung me there – cast about – upon everywhere

I recalled it – while I chased my breath as a child its kite
I was the silly little mountain stream – which babbling sang with the birds, I was the patient river which sculpted mighty rocks, I was the vast ocean too, which toyed with the brave sailor’s ship.

I was too the bright sky above those ships for the birds to glide free upon, while my feathers gently stroked the serene clouds – and the dark sky too, upon which the shiny stars hung – the fearless warriors following unto home.

I recall it – chasing my breath again, through fields of sparkling fields and dark valleys – climbing the greatest hills and mountains, of magical sand a child’s hand made.
I was a dandelion clock blown apart to fulfil a wish – the cocky wind conveyed me over endless playgrounds until my eyes could see…
all of Me, playing hide and seek.
Here a tree, there a tiger
The Carnival of silly games that never seemed to linger.

I recall it – riding, taming dragons disguised as that cocky wind, then transformed into a raging beast – to chase tumbleweeds, to shape the deserts, to make whirlpools in the sea…
From roaring wind into racing breeze, whistling between fronded trees as the Sun set, to let the Moon throw its silver cashmere net

I recall it – I was a heavy winter fog, hiding the winding road beneath me in the forest from the hunter’s sight, like a mother’s skirt would her child from the imaginary wild.
I also was a golden stag that cut the fog to lace, while I was leaping long my love – stealing of its gaze…
And the snowflake too, ice-skating through the frozen, gloomy air towards the sleepy mountains to cover them, “good night”.

I recall it – wandering around like some old sage does – skipping about like fools would do – then running for it like a hero set free – jumping, flying, chasing dreams – the illusion of my wanderlust – wonder lost in mazy streams?
I was not sure who was who or what was what
– but when I glanced within the mirror still there I saw… God!
What a dream – a scene – it was, a silly play disguised as life and death.

I recall it all now – I saw imagination and curiosity hand in hand, chasing rainbows turned to fireflies – on and on – and – on and on – forever and ever… Foreverever.
My thoughts caused vertigo – they made my ears ring its dizzy bells
casting sweet spells in swells and yells…
So strap up your belts and place your bets, once more begins the riddle-ride.

The first version of the total of infinite one. A continuous recollection of the dreams …of God.