Entry #005



Hello world,

this part of the process is still about inspiration and experimentation.
I was observing the smoke for hours. I had a feeling that it was dancing just for me and had something to communicate.
I like the smoke’s elegance and fluidity of movement, with the minimalistic aesthetic and I would like to aim for this kind of look for the final project, where less is more.
With this kind of form, the artwork could be more open for personal interpretation, and the imagination could fly higher and further with the experience.
This session inspired me to make some code snippets on the subject of thresholding, where the smoke is going to be “isolated” and manipulated.
It could be a direction for the project or a dead-end –  will see, however, I have a feeling that some part of the code will contribute to the final piece.






Entry #004



Hello world,

In this session I experimented with some ideas and concepts.
I used mixed media to make a collage so to illustrate a possible workflow for my final project.
Programs used in this gig were Arena5, ManyCam, OBS, Adobe PS BR PR, VLC.
To achieve these visuals, I plugged in old works of mine and some raw materials, however in the final project, one or more code will run live and directed to a mixer application, where sound will be added to it.
I intend to repeat this session with some variations in equipment and media – 360 live feed for example.




Short Demo

Entry #003



Hello world,

In the process of making art (or a project), one of the first things to do is to gather inspiration and doing research.
As part of this process, I paid a visit to Pace gallery, where I saw Trevor Paglen’s, Bloom. 

I left home without doing background research for this artist and the exhibition. I intended to see the “art” without influence and context.  As a result, I left the scene with a mixed bag of takeaways.

Takeaway No.1:  The display of the pieces did not work with the gallery. Space swallowed the art with complementary colours, shapes and sterile finish. The whole exhibition felt like a studio flat, from which the tenants are moved out along with the furniture, but left some art and flowery wallpapers behind along security personnel to guard it.

Takeaway No.2: The nature of the prints and the surrounding influenced me to perceive the flowery prints as wallpapers. Walking back and forth, trying different angles did not help me to enjoy the art, as I had a feeling that I’m missing out on something unknown to me. Also displaying some of it behind a glass gave a poster-like effect, to which I couldn’t connect.
Note: Perhaps, dimming a light a bit, would make these prints in the focus, instead just another thing on the wall.

Takeaway No.3: Not displaying the concept at the exhibition could be very beneficial for the viewer, since it could trigger the imagination and personal connection to the art, however, in this case, I think it took away from the experience.
The art displayed as something grand, but not looking like one, made me searching for the missing clues, instead of just being in the presence of the art itself.

Takeaway No.4: The cameras installed around the gallery were kind of interesting, but at the same time disappointing, since they didn’t do anything at all on the spot.
I learned later on the internet version of the exhibition, that those cameras had a function of broadcasting the show in real-time.
Looking it now from the browser, I ended up liking it more than the actual visit. It looks more real art somehow.

Reading about Trevor retrospectively, definitely adds to the work, however one cannot but wonder, is this how he intended to work and is this how art supposed to be viewed – contextually?






Entry #002


Hello world,
Building on the previous creative experiments, I'm trying to make the thing observed tangible in some way.
Sometimes this is very challenging since I don't know what I'm observing yet.
I used photography as a tool in this sketching.




Entry #001


Hello world,
I’m exploring different concepts and ideas at this stage, which I could use to examine further for this creative project.
One of my current interest lays in:
How human “mental” and digital "mental" connects (where one starts and where other ends)?
How space can unfold and transform in a different context (physical, mental, etc.)?
What is space? What is memory?
How human evolution constantly re-defining space and time (through transcending it, shaping it, etc.)?
How did all this melt into one inseparable cloud of impulses (noise, music, etc.)?