MODULE  – Pose estimation with PoseNet.


Hello world,

This element of the artwork is all about pose estimation. A “Machine Learning” technique for tracking human movement. It is done by analysing the image fed through the ML model and making judgements on the detected subjects skeleton’s position. This is done by estimating the position of 17 “key points” on the body.
I was exploring the meaning and utility of those key points in the context of this project. I imagine, I will assign some visual elements to those points as a means of aesthetic  expression, but it will not limit to it.
In addition to manipulating the position of “key points”, I taught the model with ML technique of regression to react on certain poses with certain action(e.g. changing the background colour when some skeleton pose is detected). This can be very handy, as I can choose to influence some elements of the artwork with movement – as a means of giving commands.

While testing the functionalities of poseNet,  took an opportunity to experiment with visuals. Not sure which aesthetic direction I will decide on, as it is way early for that to solidify.


Testing the machine learning model along with the visuals.