MODULE  – ML Style Transfer.

Hello world,

This element of the artwork is about experimenting with style transfer. This “Machine Learning” technique does what is saying, transferring a style of one image to another one.
The “style image” and the “content image” ratio in the “result image” depends on the settings we impose on the model before training. It can warry from 1:1 ratio to anything 1.5:1, 1:2 and so on.
To find the right ratio is by no means is an easy task. It is a trial and error process, which could take hours and days to produce.
Finding mutually complimenting “style image” and the “content image” is also a matter of time and patience.
When all goes well, a model will produce something very unique and interesting – and all of a sudden it was worth it.


I have tried many style images for transfer, some worked better than others.

Transmutation – process.