Hello world,
the video below is the final piece for this project. I will share my experience and additional technical details along with documentation in the following post.
Here I’m sharing the artist statement and the video itself. I hope you will enjoy it.

This artwork is an exploration of the machine and human interaction, and the properties of the space that, this kind of relationship creates. It examines aspects of this connection, what can be conveyed through art, what is lost through this, and what is unique to this collaboration. This multimedia performance is the result of the continual synthesis between artist, machine and dancer. The result can be understood as co-creation between human and machine – an inimitable, distinctive artwork which is the consequence of mingling of human expression and machine programming, complete with glitches. This investigation through mimetic process invites questions such as whether the machine is a separate entity, or an extension of our humanity; and how what is gathered and formed through the creative process of re-encoding ambiguity and authenticity becomes real, beyond physicality.

The work is displayed on the website, dedicated to host the final project along with students from year 1 to 3 from the Digital Arts and Computing module at Goldsmiths University.
The direct link to this work is here.


For the best experience, please use headphones!