Hello world,

This part of the process is getting the ideas and concepts aired out, to get a better understanding of the project’s direction.

I took the smoke element from the previous creative session and added a digital shadow to it.
This “digital shadow”  or ” digital gaze” will be an overlay on the output media.
It is made of a few machine learning type algorithms, like face recognition/detection, poseNet(pose and movement recognition) and some pixel manipulation algorithm.

Conceptually, it is very interesting for me the idea of the real experience and representation of it in the form of visual data.
For example, I think I will use a dancer to explore movement, however, instead of displaying the dancer image/video directly, I intend to reveal some machine reading of the same, like the movement itself, or the data of the person, or a combination of all in intervals.

The images displayed here are highlighting the contrast in aesthetics of the real smoke and the machine’s gaze.
With this element, I’m exploring the phenomenon of classifying experience into data of any kind and calling – mistaking it for the experience itself.
Can we boil down, or represent things in full with data? – Even infinite amount of data?
There is a thing in sound synthesis, that if you have enough sin wawes, you could theoretically recreate any kind of sound or music, however, does all that amount of data retrospectively make you enjoy the music it’s trying to reproduce or represent?
Can data recreate any experience in full?
What is missing in translation?

While contemplating on this subject, I recognised that there is another side to this idea, which is to rather to trying to replace, we can enhance. I will create a user interface with the machine to move along with the human subject for performance sake.
So instead of either-or, I will aim for best from both.