Hello world,
with this post, I’m heading towards getting a clearer concept and direction of this project.
This is PDF below represents the rough idea of the project ahead. I deliberately left it with the minimal description as it will probably change during the process.
I sketched out some visuals which represent ideas about the visual style. I aim to make it minimalistic, however, that is always a challenge for me, so we will see at the end.
I will use multiple codes running in real-time communicating with each other and along with this, there will be some pre-recorded media feeding into the codes.
The whole process will then feed into Resolume Arena via ManyCam and OBS Studio. From there I will project it on some surface – most probably a semi sculptural background.
I’m thinking to use these visual and conceptual elements mentioned above to track a dancer with computer vision and face detection(recognition) to create a short performance art. 
I’m still undecided, whether I will conduct this live, or assemble it from prerecorded elements. This desition will be made when I see more of the project evolved down on the line as I can’t foresee the complexity and complications just yet.

Prototype A workflow map