Hello world,
I made some sound samples as a means of exploration of the direction of the sound in the artwork.
The title of the piece(Flow) made me think of the actual thing flow reminded me of – in the context of this artwork.
When I mean flow, I do not necessarily think exclusively about the flow of materials, e.g. like water or air, but also the flow of intervals, flow from one state to another, the flow of moments, sounds, fields, thoughts, mindset, outlook… etc.
Flow indicates a place or state one flows to another, and this creates duality. A from – to state. How we could perceive flow other than a linear duality?
If I try to think of – Transmutation as a flow of intervals, but it still appears in duality.

I like this sound bites, as it evokes some deeper feeling in me, something older than my awareness. It feels like it is coming from my deepest, darkest and wildest.
I will follow this thread in my creative research as a possible element in this artwork.